Terms and Conditions

Purchasing Terms and Conditions
After the customer has enquired about something and we then have made certain about its availability and price, we will do our best regarding its description and condition to be on our best understanding between us and the customer.

Obviously, we would need to quote you on an individual basis as costs would vary from item to item and also different destinations. You may be asked whether you would want any insurance and your preference of freight. However, after the items are properly packed/wrapped for added protection, the packet/box would be sent with a tracking system and needing a signature on receipt.

Please keep in mind that we cannot be responsible for any other expenses that may arise due to customs, any tax, etc. Should there be other expenses apart from the price and freight, they would have to be picked up by the customer/purchaser.

**Before you make any purchase, it would be better to double check with your own customs on whether you may be charged any further tax or other, on the parcel's arrival and release, or need any additional paper work, appropriate or formal **

It would always be IMPORTANT to make sure that it is the right product that you need and it would be preferred that we would be sent all enquiries prior to any commitment and purchasing. Any questions would be answered as best and soon as possibly able, hoping to prevent any disappointments or returns. In the case of any possible returns within the stipulated time (2 weeks), the parts would need to be returned in the same condition that we had supplied them in and packed properly as we would have done ourselves to prevent damage during transit. In such a case, the return postage would also have to be paid by the customer and when reimbursing any payment, a 10% charge could be held on the amount paid initially, unless agreed otherwise.

To avoid complications however, we always describe the part concerned as well as we can and also send detailed images from different angles for better viewing and understanding. Asking for more information or photos would not be much of a problem, just as long as we can clarify things.

Hoping that we have described and explained the item and conditions clearly, should there be any other questions that you wish to ask, please do so.

It would be better to communicate and clarify things before any purchase to avoid any delay or disappointment afterwards.
Thank you for your interest.

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