About Freddie’s Drive – In

We are a family business which has been dealing in auto-panels and accessories for a long time, which line was established in 1983. Initially importers and sellers of second-hand auto parts, we also established ourselves as importers and suppliers of original and good quality aftermarket parts of many makes, primarily from Britain, Europe and Japan. Stocking on good value for money and quality was always a priority for us, choosing standards like E-mark, T.A.G. or equivalent to keep a good standard. Apart from the exterior side of the vehicle, we do have a few mechanical items from time gone by, from when we used to sell them as well.

Often, we are asked for parts of classic cars, as we had built some stock during these decades and even from previous eras. Some car makes covered go back to the 1960’s and 1970’s. Quite a bit of stock has gone, although we still have some rare items that we would usually show on our site. On occasions, we also happen to come across interesting finds, so it would not be that much of a bother, had you to enquire for something in particular, even if not displayed here. It may be worth the chance.

These last years, we have also accommodated customers from abroad, when possible. They have come from across the globe, from all over Europe, to as far away as America, Australia and New Zealand. We have satisfied many a collector and helped restorers with their work when able. For this, please enquire and we would try to respond in good time.

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